Yes, you can grow a variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, lady’s fingers, cucumbers, beans, etc. together in one system.

Yes, the system requires to be plugged in continuously, however it can withstand a power cut of 3-4 hrs. Also, the system uses an 18W motor and hence draws very little electricity.​

The pots are made of high-quality plastic resin that ensures all-weather durability and is 100% UV stable to prevent fading and cracking

Water to be used in Vertigrove-hydro should have TDS below 150. In case your tap water has a TDS above 150, you need to use filtered water. Also, the pH of the water needs to be between 5.5 – 6.5. If your water’s pH is not lying in the recommended range, you can avail pH buffers and make the corrections

Every 3-4 months you need to purchase a new set of seedlings and restock nutrients if needed.

Leafy (Ready to be harvested in 25-30 days)- Amaranth, Palak, Kale, Mint, Peppermint

Fruiting (Ready to be harvested in 45-60 days) – Okra, Tomato, Cherry Tomato, Chili, Capsicum (Green, Yellow, Red), Brinjals

Recommended for farming in the 3rd harvest cycle – Cucumber, Bitter Gourds, Ridge Gourds, Snake Gourds

In Vertigrove-hydro most of the factors are in the control of the farmer except sunlight and seed potent/seedling health. Since Vertigrove works on hydroponics, the plants are given the right nutrients at the right time and this will guarantee faster growth, higher yield and healthier plants. The success of the system is guaranteed as long as you plant healthy seedlings and the plants get sufficient sunlight.

The capacity of the water tub is 33L. After setting up the system, you need to fill the tub to its capacity. After that, check the water level once in 3 days. In case the level has depleted just top it off. Ensure that the water level is always above the motor, or else the motor would get damaged. Also, it is recommended that you draw out the water completely from the tub using the syphon provided after very 3 weeks and fill it with fresh water.

We will provide you a chart which specifies the nutrient level that needs to be maintained on a weekly basis. You need to check the TDS (Nutrient level) by dipping the TDS meter in the solution, once in 3 days. If the TDS does not lie in the required range, then you need to add the nutrients.

Plants grow through a process called photosynthesis, in which they use sunlight and a chemical inside their leaves called chlorophyll to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen. There’s no mention of “soil” anywhere. All that plants need is water and nutrients, both easily obtained from soil. But if they can get these things somewhere else—say, by standing with their roots in a nutrient-rich solution—they can do without soil altogether. That’s the basic principle behind hydroponics.

Vertigrove-hydro should be placed in an East facing balcony (sufficient sunlight), preferably with a covered roof. Also, you need to ensure that the system has access to power 24/7.

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