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Vertigrove-hydro is a state-of-the-art vertical kitchen garden, designed exclusively for urban dwellers who have space and time constraints. It is an innovative hydroponic unit that allows you to sustainably grow maximum fruits and vegetables with the utmost ease.

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Vertigrove Hydro variants that meets your need

Vertigrove-hydro| 2.0

What’s New?

  • Topple Proof
  • Withstands up to 12hrs of Power-cuts
  • High-Quality Castor Base

Vertigrove-Hydro | Mini Tripot

It can support upto 36 plants in 4 sq ft and is suitable to grow leafy as well as fruiting vegetables.

Features of VertiGrove Hydro


Low Maintenance
DIY System
Requires Only 4 Sq. ft.
Can Grow To 36 Plants
Integrated Mobile App
IoT Sensors
Hydroponics System
Free Online Training
Low Maintenance
DIY System
4 plant
Requires Only 4 Sq.ft.
Can grow up to 40 -50 Plants
Integrated Mobile App

About Vertigrove Hydro

Benefits of VertiGrove Hydro

Healthy & Nutritious Vegetables
Less Pest Attacks
No Weeds
Higher Yield
Faster Growth
Food Security & Self Sustain


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