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Low maintenance Hydroponic System

Grow fresh vegetables at home with little effort!

Vertigrove-hydro is an easy to maintain hydroponic system designed exclusively for urban dwellers. All you need to do is to follow the simple steps that we will provide. In comparison to growing plants in soil, Vertigrove-hydro is definetely a more hassle-free method of urban farming. The system is designed keeping in mind a busy city dweller who wishes to grow their own food. 

We also have a dedicated customer support executive for you, who will handhold you throughout the process. This will ensure that you can solve your querries and issues quickly without wasting any time. 

Spend only 5 min a day in maintenance!
Here are a couple of things you don’t need to do in Vertigrove-hydro:

Water every single plant.


Remove Weeds


Add separate fertilizer or manure for different plants


Top off water levels once in 3 days


Check and adjust nutrient level of water as per the chart provided

We want our customers to have a Hassle free Convenient Successful farming experience

Major Inconvenience:

Cleaning the balcony or terrace after each rain !

Vertigrove-hydro is designed to be

100% spill proof

and is

360 degree portable

Hence it can be easily moved around for cleaning purposes.

Vertigrove-hydro| 2.0



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