Vertigrove-hydro | 2.0


Vertigrove-hydro | 2.0


Vertigrove-hydro is a state of the art smart vertical kitchen garden, designed exclusively for urban dwellers who have space and time constraints. It is an innovative hydroponic unit that allows you to sustainably grow maximum vegetables and herbs in minimum space with minimum effort.

All that you need to start farming is included in the package.



✅ Vertigrove-hydro is a vertical garden that can support 36 plants in 4 sqft.
✅ The systsem works on hydroponics which results in faster growth, higher productivity and a more nutritous produce.
✅We provide step-by-step guidance to ensure that you become a successful urban farmer regardless of if you have ever farmed before or not!

Vertigrove-hydro 2.0| What’s New?

✅Topple proof

Vertigrove-hydro|2.0 is designed to be sturdy, such that the pots will not get toppled during transporting or shifting the system. The plants and pots would stay upright and hence can be moved around easily whenever required.

✅Withstands up to 12hrs of Power-cuts

Vertigrove-hydro can now efficiently withstand power cuts up to 12 hrs with no damage to plant growth.

✅High-Quality Castor Wheels

Vertigrove-hydro| 2.0 is equipped with new and advanced high quality rubberized castor wheels for easier movement and long life

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