Designed Exclusively For Balcony Farming

If you have 4 Sqft and sufficient sunlight in your balcony, you can easily grow a variety of veggies with vertigrove-hydro

Vertigrove-hydro aims to encourage those living in apartments to start growing their own food with ease and comfort.

Why Vertigrove?

Urban dwellers are unable to farm because of lack of either one or all of the following


Urban dwellers usually have very little space that they could use to start farming.


Traditional farming is very complex and most urban dwellers lack the required the knowledge to start farming


Most people lead such busy lives that they don't have a lot of time to invest in farming.


Traditional farming is also uncertain and is dependent on so many external factors that high productivity cannot be ensured every single time.

Set-up a Sustainable Kitchen Garden

Vertigrove-hydro is  smart vertical kitchen garden that is designed specifically for urban dwellers.

Compact vertical kitchen garden that can grow upto 36 plants in 4 SqFt.

Hydroponic system that ensures maximum productivity, growth and nutritious produce.

All you need to spend is 1 minute a day in maintaining the system.

See it LIVE

Seeing is believing !

Take a live tour of our farm and and get a feel of how the system functions. You can view systems growing a variety of plants at different stages.

1 Year Guarantee

How It Works

Vertigrove-hydro is very easy to assemble and maintain. All you need to do is follow these basic steps

Assemble the system

The system can be easily assembled by anyone. We have a set-up video that will assist you on a step-by-step basis.

Transplant Seedlings into the system

Seedlings that have at least 3-4 true leaves can be transplanted into the system.

Add water and nutrients as per chart

We will provide you with a chart according to which you can add the nutrients for each stage of plant growth.

Check the TDS levels

Check the TDS levels of the nutrient solution using the TDS meter that is provided. Ensure that the levels are in accordance with the chart provided.

Enjoy the Harvest

Now you can reap the fruit of your labour with a nutritious produce.

Our Product

Vertigrove-hydro|2.0 is designed to be sturdy, such that the pots will not get toppled during transporting or shifting the system.

Vertigrove-hydro| 2.0


Customer Stories

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I ordered Vertigrove online via Amazon and installed it myself, watching their set-up video. Farming in Vertigrove is easy and very satisfying. I got a bountiful harvest in my first cycle. Looking forward to growing various other veggies in Vertigrove.

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Dr. Alias

I grew up interacting closely with nature. But, today’s generation has very little opportunities to connect with nature. This is why I gifted Vertigrove-hydro to my grandchildren. Given their current lifestyle, I found Vertigrove-hydro to be the apt way by which my grandkids can grow their own food as it is designed for city dwellers.

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Abrachan Pudussery

"I'm really thrilled because I'm not alone in this journey, we get the complete ecosystem to support us. Especially during these confined times, it's a new experiment along with a community of like minded people. "


Vertigrove-hydro is a smart system that ensures a smooth and hassle free experience for  urban growers.

Maximum Plants in Minimum Space
Designed to grow plants Vertically and choose Hydroponics (minimum space between plants)- Can now grow upto 48 plants in 4 Sqft
Plants should not dies during powercut and Should work without inverter
Uses Hydroponic methodology that can withstand 3 to 4hrs power cuts.
Maximum Aeration at the Roots for Best growth
Designed to drop Water from a height to create air bubbles near the roots.


The technique deployed is hydroponics, in which plants are grown without soil by providing nutrients through an aqueous solution


It is a mobile unit and can be easily moved around to get sunlight or brought inside during heavy rains.

Easy To Maintain

It is a smart system that requires very little intervention and maintenance.

Integrated Mobile App

To read plant parameters (TDS/Ph), provide required guidance & support and to let you stay connected with us.


The unit requires only 4 sq.ft of area and is the most compact kitchen garden in the world!​

Free Online Training

Training is provided to sustainably grow maximum herbs and vegetables. These sessions will make you a self-reliant urban farmer.

Customer Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your queries

Yes, you can grow a variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, lady’s fingers, cucumbers, beans, etc. together in one system.

The water needs to be changed within 4-6 weeks after planting.

Yes, the system requires to be plugged in continuously, however it can withstand a power cut of 10-12 hrs. Also, the system uses an 18W motor and hence draws very little electricity.​

The pots are made of high-quality plastic resin that ensures all-weather durability and is 100% UV stable to prevent fading and cracking

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