Urban Farming Workshops

Urban farming has definitely become the need of the hour to ensure a secure future. 

Workshop for Schools

The Little Farmers

“The Little Farmers” is our latest project, through which we wish to inspire youngsters to pick up urban farming as a career or simply as a way of life. 

We wish to educate students on the science behind farming and the latest advances in farming through which you can grow maximum plants using minimum resources.

Child holding Vertigrove-hydro starter kit

100% Practical Workshop

Learning By Doing

As a company that has learnt mainly by doing, we wish to spread our knowledge through the same way. Our Little Farmers workshop is a completely practical experience-based workshop where students can actually learn farming techniques by doing it. 

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Urban farming workshop for Corporates

Balance life with a touch of nature!

With most companies switching to work-from-home modes or hybrid modes, people are more stressed outthan ever. So, it is essential to find ways to balance your work and life. This could be by setting up an urban farm! Research shows that interacting with nature can help reduce stress and anxiety and help in achieving balance.

  • Urban farming impacts the community in a powerful way.
  • Through these workshops we aim to develop an environmentally-conscious, self-sustaining, physically and mentally healthy society.
  • Through urban farming we will able to add more green spaces to our cities.
  • Farming not only connects us with nature but also helps us connect with each other.
  • It builds a sense of community and camaraderie among individuals.

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